Summer Reading Challenge 2019

Will you be up to the Reading Challenge this summer? The Rocket family and the cute Aliens are here to give a hand! Join in on 20 July at Walkley Library! More info on the Reading Agency website here.

Paper Pastimes, Saturday 13 July 2019

Our next Paper Pastimes will be all about summer and holidays. We will show you how to make sandcastles, windmills, flags and bunting. Come along and share the fun, learn something different, improve your crafting skills and make new friends 🙂

Create a Walkley Victorian, Saturday 6 July 2019

How were people in Victorian times? How did they look like, what did they wear, how did they talk? 🎩👞🌂 Apply your imagination and create a Victorian character this Saturday at the Library. Don’t stay at home, come and have some fun! 😉

Drama & Animation by Chol, Friday 26 & Saturday 27 July 2019

Save the dates of 26 & 27 July because a fantastic group called Chol is coming to the Library for drama and animation activities. These are aimed at children (& their lucky parents!) and young people, and they seem to be super cool and creative! I would not miss them, if I were you 😉

History Mystery Trail @Walkley

It seems that a valuable painting has gone missing from St. George's Museum. The Police are doing their best to find the culprit, but they need more people to assist them. Would you be one of them? If you love mysteries and trails, you must not miss this one! Pop into the Library for more information. There is a shorter version with a map available, too. The search takes around one and a half to two hours. This is going to be amazing!

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