Confusion over the Walkley Library Petition

We would like to inform everyone interested in the future of Walkley Library that the newly formed “Friends of Walkley Library” is a separate organisation from Walkley Carnegie Library, who are the group of volunteers who have been working hard keeping the library open since November 2014.

It is unfortunate that the recently posted 38 Degrees petition referring to the proposed plans for Walkley Library is causing confusion as to the identity of the group through incomplete information.

The petition merely refers to the library being sold to become a bar. Although Sheffield City Council do propose selling the freehold of the building to Forum Café Bars, a significant section of the library will be legally protected for 125 years and will continue to be run by Walkley Carnegie Library volunteers, who are passionate about keeping a library service for our community.

Walkley Carnegie Library has maintained and increased its opening hours and community activities over the past 7 months, and our volunteers will be running a range of events during the forthcoming Walkley Festival.

More detail on the progress of negotiations between Walkley Carnegie Library, Sheffield City Council and Forum Café Bars is available at “Walkley Carnegie Library Update on Current Plans”.

For further information about our group and the service we continue to provide please visit our website or the "Save Walkley Library" Facebook page, or contact us on: .

Thank you,

Walkley Carnegie Library Committee