Our amazing Storytime youngsters have been hard at fun over the last 2 weeks, making music and pan pipes last week, and joining in with our language book sale, incorporating languages and noises with this week's theme.

Effie, Isobel, Freya and Otto along with many others battled through the pouring rain to dry off and take part in our stories and craft activities.

Next week we are going to be making the traditional Xmas Library wreath to hang over the Here To Help sign in the main library, and the theme, fittingly, is teamwork!

If you have toddlers aged 2ish - 4ish, please don't miss out on our weekly Storytime Mondays 2-3pm in term time, and support the Storytime volunteers who give up their time to keep your kids happy! :-)

On the subject of the 2 year celebration, I would like (and am sure you would also) to thank Charlotte and Mandy for providing such an amazing Storytime, week in and week out, and give our appreciation for the time and effort they put in every week! You are true stars to us!