A little poem for Christmas

Our very own volunteer, Mark Crossland got creative again for the season and he dedicates this poem to all our fellow library lovers, big and small :-)

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the library. Not a creature was stirring, as is customary. The stockings were hung by the window with care, To show the kiddies that Christmas books lay there.

The volunteers were at home, all snug in their beds, While Grishams, Rowlings and Jonassons danced in their heads. But Ruskin, Bob, Wadsley, Dave and Peppa too, Were waiting in the kids lib, for many books anew.

When out on South Road, there arose such a clatter, They jumped from the sofa to see what was the matter! Away to the window, they ran to the bookcase edge, But how would they get to the tall window ledge?

Ruskin had an idea, 'Bring me a chair. 'And a whole bunch of books, to help get me there!' They worked as a team to reach the ledge, so, They could see what was going on, in the street down below.

By the streetlights they saw a sleigh, what else would appear? A driver with a white beard, and eight lovely reindeer. 'I've read about him', said Bob to the gang, He reached over, grabbed a book, and dropped it with a clang.

They looked in the book, 'Yes it's Saint Nick, Father Christmas, Santa Claus. 'Shout hooray, and cheer and big big applause'. The big bearded man opened his arms, and shouted a call, 'We need to find the chimney into the library quick! To the top of the wall.'

'Wait!' shouted Ruskin, 'I know where there's a key. 'I can let you in the front door, just you wait and see'. Ruskin found the key and away to the front door he did track, 'Oh wait', said Ruskin, 'I can't reach the bolts, you better go round the back.'

Ruskin opened the back door, but before Santa was let in, 'I have a question first,' said Ruskin, with a big cheeky grin. 'That there big sack you carry, bulging with presents, 'Is there something for all the Walkley boys and girls, in that bag's contents?'

Santa grinned and from the sack he pulled a huge gift that looks, Like it could be full to the brim with lots and lots of books. Santa said, 'I hold Walkley Library with huge great affection, 'So I give you these books for your blue sticker collection.'

'Thank you!' said Ruskin, as all good boys and girls should, 'The kids will all love them, I know that they would. 'Parents will read to their kids, with great glee, 'They'll be read at Storytime too, just you wait and see!'

Santa gave him a wink, and then went on his way, Ran to the reindeer, and jumped right in the sleigh. Away they did fly, but Ruskin heard his voice in the night, 'Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!'