3000 up!

We added our 3000th book to our blue sticker collection today! That's 3000 new books into Walkley Library in less than 14 months.

The 3000th was Everybody's Fool, a 2016 novel by Pulitzer Prize winner, Richard Russo. A sequel to Nobody's Fool, (currently available to borrow in our library) it's set 10 years after and continues the story of Sully and the residents of North Bath, New York. Mark Crossland, one of our Library Services Coordinator says of Nobody's Fool:

'An exceptionally well written look at small town America, it is as funny as it is heart-warming. Each character is so well rounded that you are placed into the heart of North Bath, and just want the best for the main characters. When I saw there was a sequel, I had to get it for our blue sticker collection. Naturally, I was the first to borrow it.'

With more added every week, our catalogue continues to grow. Visit the Walkley Library web site to view our collection, walkleylibrary.org.uk - updated every week!

What will you read next?