New service at the Library: charge points

So, recently, we have had new groups start up (Random Book Club, Craft Night, Games Night), we've had over 100 brand new books for grown-ups, we have about a hundred brand new kids books coming this Saturday as well, a treasure hunt, Yoga classes, baby massaging, paper pastimes, eHallam computer drop-ins, book sales, free Wi-Fi for library users etc, etc. But, with more amazing technological announcements to come, we thought we'd share the new innovation in your library.

Battery getting low on your phone? Want to come and do some work in the library but your laptop battery loses juice too fast? Well, simply plug into one of our two new charge points, and get the battery power to see you home, sort out that presentation, or simply surf the interweb, as the kids are calling it using the free Wi-Fi. There's always something new and exciting in Walkley Library!