Ruskin Rabbit's Tall Tales, Wednesday 31 May 2017

Most people say that toys are They do not breathe, move, talk.

But, what if we told you that there are things going on in the Library when we leave and all is dark and quiet? 🤔

What if we told you that Ruskin and his "gang" are all up to mischief when we are not there to look? 🤐

So, we decided to apply a dose of imagination and find out what Ruskin is doing & we would like to invite our little friends to share their ideas with us.

This coming Wednesday, 31 May in the afternoon, bring your little ones to write a story or draw a picture on Ruskin's adventures. As part of it, we'll be having a Ruskin writing themed treasure hunt!

It will be fun and you will help us figure out what is really going on :-)