Walkley Carnegie Library AGM 2017 - Reports

The Annual General Meeting of the Walkley Carnegie Library (WCL) registered charity will be held on TUESDAY 17TH OCTOBER at 7.30pm in Walkley Library. Please read below the Chair's and the Treasurer's reports.

WCL Chair’s Report September 2017

As we approach the third anniversary of our volunteers running Walkley Library, we can celebrate our achievements and successes whilst considering our weaknesses and concerns.

High points of the year have included:

• The awarding by the heritage Lotter fund (HLF) of a £67,000 grant to develop our plans with True North Brewery (TNB) for the refurbishment and regeneration of the library as a library combined with a café-bar/pub/restaurant. If successful this will lead to the full grant to enable the project to flourish. • The steadily, or perhaps dramatically increasing stock of our own system blue sticker books, including the very latest titles, and an influx of new members from most age groups. • The expansion of regular and new activities, particularly for our youngest members. • A considerable number of larger events built round partnerships. For instance, The South Road based opening event of the Walkley Festival, being one of three city wide venues for the Big Draw celebrating John Ruskin’s art and education and participating alongside five other libraries in Heritage Open Days. These last two events attracted many visitors from other parts of the city and by cooperating with other local venues and groups we were all able to promote Walkley’s historical and cultural heritage. • The continuing strength of the volunteer run libraries in negotiations with Sheffield City Council (SCC), and in sharing knowledge, experience and resources.

SCC have continued to take responsibility for major building issues, whilst a volunteer cleaning and gardening day helped keep us spick and span and inspired us to paint the railings before the Heritage Open Day (a big thank you to Linda Mee). Another similar day is being planned to coincide with the third anniversary in November. Further details will follow.

The proposed plans with TNB and SCC have been moving more slowly than had been hoped. We had planned to include a more detailed update in this report, but expect to have more information before the AGM.

Whilst our family activities are thriving, we are aware that we are not creating enough opportunities for either teenagers or our older library users, and would welcome any ideas.

We work closely with other local venues and organisations and try to avoid clashes of date or type of event, and feel that this has helped increase attendance at a number of events. It would be encouraging to see greater interest in Walkley Forum, which provides an opportunity to bring the community together to discuss local issues, to organise the Walkley Festival and on occasions to seek funding for the area.

WCL have a fabulous team of dedicated volunteers but find that we frequently have gaps in certain areas; for instance cleaning and maintenance as well as for sub-committees and succession for trustee and committee posts. Please note that although it may seem from the newsletter that there is only one vacancy for a trustee, as we search for someone to take over as treasurer in the future, we are currently below our desired level of trustees and would welcome new blood. Similarly, people may prefer to get involved at committee level first.

We are sad that Laura Tassoni has stepped down from her roles as library services and events coordinator, and from the committee but are pleased that she is continuing with paper pastimes each month. We would like to convey our thanks for all her hard work over the past three years and are also pleased that Mark Crossland has stepped up to lead library services. However, such changes emphasise the need for succession planning in all areas.

Recent discussions have made us consider changing the way that committee meetings should be run in the future, opening them to all volunteers and setting specific topics or projects for discussion each month. We would like to discuss this briefly with you at the AGM. Trustee meetings will continue to deal with strategic issues and future planning, which is why it is so important to bring in new blood at both levels, and we particularly welcome library users, local business representatives and people with specific professional skills.

This leads me to thank you all for supporting us as volunteers, library users, visitors to events or just as interested Walkley residents.

Chris Reece Chair Walkley Carnegie Library South Road SHEFFIELD S6 3TD c.reece@walkleylibrary.org.uk Registered Charity No: 1159745

Walkley Carnegie Library Registered Charity Number: 1159745 Treasurer’s Report October 2017

On the following page is a statement of financial activities for Walkley Carnegie Library, a registered Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO), for the period 1st April 2016 to 31st March 2017, the library’s financial year. These accounts will be independently examined and submitted to the Charity Commission on or before the deadline, 31st January 2018. Independently examined accounts for the previous period are freely available via the Charity Commission website, though note that these cover a period of 15 months so are not directly comparable.

The figures are presented on a ‘cash basis’, which means that they reflect the revenues actually received and the payments actually made during this period (thus the various outstanding bills to pay, and also invoices we have issued that have not been paid, during the period are not shown).

The largest source of income has again been grant funding from Sheffield City Council. From the financial statement it is evident that fundraising activities have again proved to be a valuable source of revenue, and revenue from room bookings has also been significant. Many thanks to all the volunteers who have helped make this possible.

We have also received a number of donations in the form of books, equipment and services during the last year for which we are very grateful.

The largest single expense incurred was once again gas; however this is much reduced compared with last year. Under ‘Miscellaneous Expenses’ various small furniture items have been purchased to improve the experience of library users, and under ‘IT Software and Consumables’ a number of laptop computers have been purchased. Moving forward, we have now started to purchase new books for our blue sticker collection, helping to enhance the experience of library users.

Matthew Gilbert (Treasurer)