Christmas crafting & carols coming soon!

You do not need to buy any Christmas decorations this year. Why? Because you can simply make your own at a very low cost 😁 And all your guests will be admiring your crafting and skills!

The Evening Craft Club on Tuesday 5 December will show you how to chop up Christmas catalogues and use the paper to decorate your Christmas tree instead. Now, this is a use for all these catalogues you have been storing on your shelves!

If you cannot make it on 5 December, Paper Pastimes will also show you how to make decorations from paper for this season's festivities. This is suitable for all ages, so if your little ones are jealous and also want to have some fun, you can bring them along.

And last, we are singing and celebrating Christmas at the library with proper carols on Saturday 16 December. We eat mince pies, too and there is a treasure hunt for the kids. Excitiiiiing!

Do not stay at home watching TV. Come and share the fun and the joy. It will be Christmas soon 🌲