Author event: Michael Hutchinson, Monday 19 March 2018

Local author, Michael Hutchinson is presenting his debut novel "Tiddy Mun" at Walkley Library on Monday 19 March at 7.30pm.

Tiddy Mun was a legendary bog spirit in Lincolnshire, England, who was believed to have the ability to control the waters and mists of The Fens of South Lincolnshire and The Carrs of North Lincolnshire (info from Wikipedia).

Following this local legend, the book is the story of an academic who gets drawn too closely into old tales of water spirits and witchcraft in the northern fens of Lincolnshire. A murder in the seventeenth century comes back to haunt his every move as he loses his grasp of what's real and what may be only lurking in his imagination (info from

It is going to be a very interesting evening and we will be delighted if you could join us. Attendance is free, but any donations to the library are much appreciated as always. Refreshments will be provided.

You can read more about the author on this webpage: