Walkley E-Book Community Project

Two MA students from the University of Sheffield are preparing an electronic book on Walkley with a historical perspective. If you have information on Walkley history or interesting facts about the present or future in the area, please get in touch with them.

"Our names are Ellie and Mollie, we are currently MA students from the University of Sheffield working on a project with the Walkley Community Centre. We are planning on curating an E-Book for the community with the theme of ‘Walkley Past, Present and Future’. The plan is to help people find a bit of joy and happiness during this crazy and occasionally stressful time, and we would love for the library to contribute something to the project.

We are hoping for contributions including testimonies, photographs and drawings for the E-Book. For example we would love to be able to include any photos of what Walkley looked like in the past or any leaflets or posters that anyone decided to preserve. Or we would love for people to provide us with positive feedback on what is fantastic about Walkley, and if possible about the community centre itself. The scope for this project is huge and we are open to any ideas and contributions. If you have anything that you would like to be included, please send it to this email address: WalkleyEbook@gmail.com. Any questions about the project can also be directed to this email address.

Moreover, it would be brilliant if you could please circulate the project on your social media. We have included a consent form in the email to be filled in if you decide to join in with the project. We are accepting contributions until the 20th May."