Children's drawing competition (deadline: Saturday 24th July 2021)

Do not disturb the dragons - A funny book for children by Michelle Robinson

Children’s Drawing Competition Walkley Carnegie Library - Summer Term 2021 Deadline: Saturday 24th July

Join us in Wondermere, the luckiest kingdom in the land!

Use the picture frame on the next page to create your own Wondermere Unicorn and / or your own Wondermere Dragon - two very important magical creatures, and bring them to Walkley library or email pictures of your creations to by the deadline of Saturday 24th July.

Enter the competition to win a copy of Do Not Disturb the Dragons, with a book plate signed by the author, the award-winning Michelle Robinson. There are prizes in different age categories for children aged under 5, 5-7, 8-11 and 11-16.

Close your eyes, think happy thoughts and imagine your favourite things. Be creative and rip up the rule book!

About the book…

Wondermere is a magical place. It sparkles and puts on the glitz with forests coated in pixie dust, the hills are soft blankets of spangle moss and gold, and diamonds and rubies glitter in every rock, stone and pebble.

Book cover of Do not disturb the dragons

Join Princess Grace and Princess Portia in their adventures as they get pooed on by Dragons and covered in sparkly Unicorns farts, all with their friends: the Imps, ogres, knights, woodsfolk, fairies and pixies.

Wondermere is a Kingdom full of rules but as Grace and Portia discover, some rules are a load of old swamp rot and were made to be broken!

For more inspiration, see Author Michelle Robinson.s website: